Fall is in the air! I love it.

Wednesday I met up with a good friend in Sellwood where she lives with her husband in an adorable house complete with a gorgeous piano, herb and vegetable gardens, chickens and, their most recent addition, a puppy they’ve named “Rooster” (“Roo” for short).

We walked straight to a local breakfast spot only a few blocks away and weaved our way through quaint neighborhoods on the way back. This part of the city reminds me a little of Queen Anne in Seattle. I could easily live in either of these places, having the feeling of a small town in a big city. Although I love where I’m at. It’s definitely right, right now.

When I aimlessly drank my coffee “black”, my friend was amazed and, in her own words, “kind of intimidated”. It made me laugh and then realize how happy I am to have grown into my own person (a little bit like what my sister talked about here). I am feeling more and more like a grown-up these days. I’ve been one for quite a while now, but I’m gaining confidence in who I am and learning to be authentically me. That’s what I want. To rest in being “me” but to challenge myself to growth and new heights. Annie Parsons inspires me in that way. I’ve only met her once, but I shamelessly stalk her blog posts and she inspires me to authenticity as well as living life to the fullest.

This week I had to get my brakes fixed. A tiny, squeaky sound slowly turned into horrible grinding noises every time I slowed down. Thus, my hurried trip to Les Schwab after my last client on Thursday. All is now well with my faithful Hyundai. We’ve been through a lot together.