Being on my own, I get to do things my way. I’m learning a lot already. *

1- I will never again eat a bunch of those little pepperonis before bed. Or anything spicy for that matter. Pepperonis and cheese, wine, and popcorn apparently equals terrible, horrible nightmares.

2- Never, ever, ever… clean the floor with Pledge. I know, right… Stupid. So stupid! It seemed easier at the time than mopping the bathroom, but then ended up slippery as heck. So I tried mopping it with soap and water later and I think it helped. For now, I’m being careful.  

3- I always go shopping and use the little tiny black basket because I feel weird getting a cart just for myself. I also think it might help me to not buy as much and I want to be able to carry it all out myself. No way do I want “help out”! So I figure the little black basket will help me. Nope, it usually just gets super heavy and awkward. Rachel and I have discussed this before. Anyway, I will probably keep on using the little black basket.

Hope you’re having a lovely week doing things YOUR way!

Also, my beautiful sister got MARRIED. The wedding was an incredible, genuine, honoring, heartfelt, sacred, and fun event.

More on that some day. : )



(*I could do things “my way” before, I just thought that was a good tagline for this post.)