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It’s 10am and I’m still in my pjs.

I was up late last night, but I got up at 8:30 this morning because I was too excited about birthday day to sleep in (typical). I had 2 cups of coffee and a cupcake while I enjoyed cloudy coziness, windows wide open, and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls on dvd. Can you think of anything more perfect for a Julie Ide birthday morning? I’m already overwhelmed with kindness from birthday week and birthday morning and it’s only 10:15. Thank you all. So much.

It started Sunday. I went to Divine Frozen Yogurt on a whim because I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner (hah). I filled my 12oz container with vanilla fro yo, granola, blueberries, and a little chocolate. I went to pay and the girl at the counter asked if I wanted to guess the weight. If I guessed it right I would get it for free. I’ve been guessing for months at this place and have never been right. So, I pulled “8.5 oz” out of the blue sky, she weighed it, and said, “8.5!!! Enjoy your yogurt!!” I was (probably overly) excited in the moment, soon realizing that 8.5 is MY BIRTHDAY NUMBER. ON BIRTHDAY WEEK. Not only was I born on August 5th; I was born in 1985. Making my birthday… 8.5.85.

Monday was bright and sunny and my boss told me that I look like I could be a “California Girl”. Which I took as a high compliment, given my natural cloudy tendencies and my attempts to soak up as much sun as possible so far this summer. So, I am really enjoying the California Girl title, even though I am a northern girl at heart.

Tuesday I found out that my favorite duo (you know the one) is coming to Portland again in November! I’m already plotting in my head a trip to Seattle for the first show and a drive back down to Portland for their show here the next day. It will be like I’m on tour with them.

Wednesday I met my beautiful sister for a morning coffee at starbucks where she was sweetly sitting with a present and card just for me. She bought my drink  and we enjoyed good conversation and split a really healthy breakfast (a bagel and a donut cause we couldn’t decide. Very gilmore girly.). Part of her gift was a nail polish called “California Coral”. Perfect. She made me feel very special and we love our sister-time. After coffee we got all our nails painted and enjoyed some time by the pool at dad’s. I had a client and hurried back over to enjoy more time on the deck and some spontaneous and truly memorable conversation with my dad, tina (step-mom), rachel (sis), and andrew (bro-in-law). The parentals told us all kinds of crazy stories about the things they used to do when they were younger. I really need to get into more mischief so I have things to tell my children. (kidding, dad)

Thursday was busy, but I ended the day spending quality time with my good friend Matt…

(who used to look like this):

(I’ve been waiting for an excuse to share that photo with the world. Notice the giant headphones.) …and his wife, Jen, and two freakin adorable kids. We had cupcakes (expertly made by Jen) and milkshakes (expertly made by Matt) and shared in heavenly music.

Which brings me to today. Where I am so thankful for the people God put in my life in this season…. good friends, amazing family, bloggy soul mates (hehe), co-workers, even clients. I’m feelin blessed.

Aaaand it’s only Friday. I’ve got a whole weekend ahead of goodness and family celebrations and hopefully a girls night soon.

On the agenda for tonight with my mom’s side: WINE, PASTA, and CRAYONS. My only three reasons for choosing this restaurant for dinner. I mean, really. It doesn’t get much better than wine, pasta, and a tablecloth you can write on.

**I am sorry if this was more than you ever wanted to know about my week thus far**

Wait. Nevermind. It’s my birthday. : )