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Great Venue.

Yummy Pre-funk. (Frozen Yogurt)

Pretty, New Song.

I like Mississippi Studios (quaint… nice people… lots of flannel) and it was fun to catch Barcelona, band from Seattle, on a whim here in Portland last week. Check out Mississippi if you get the chance. They feature a lot of local musicians AND it’s a cool area complete with Fro-Yo (newly opened) and Thai food right across the street. 

In other news, I’ve been spending all of my time contemplating how to follow my last post. It’s the talk of the town. Is he or isn’t he CIA?

I may have reached my peak as a blogger. Stay tuned. 


I’ve been thinking about making Mondays into “Music Mondays” for a while, so here we go. Happy Music Monday!

This song, played in my head, is what got me out of bed this morning. In the exact right key, I might add! (Of course I checked when I got up. I have good tonal memory.)

What gets YOU out of bed? Do you have a go-to morning song?

And here are a couple of oher Wakey!Wakey! songs for you, if you’re so inclined.

Car Crash. Beautiful video and song.

War Sweater. The swelling chorus is stunning.

There are other good ones, too.


Over and out.